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Oh man I love Alex Grey’s work.  He is absolutely amazing.  Once I was at a music festival as it was being raided by the cops.  All we had to keep us occupied while we hid from the cops tripping balls was a book of Alex Grey’s work and a scrolling rainbow LED in a plastic ghost.

It was the first year of Moogfest in Asheville NC.  Historically, Halloween was the best night of the year to be in downtown Asheville with a head full of acid.  You could run around town from venue to venue paying like $5 covers to dance your ass off all night long.  This year, however, all of the music venues were booked by Moogfest. Meaning, if you didn’t buy the $200 ticket, you weren’t seeing any music on Halloween.  Even more annoying, only one local band made it onto Moogfest’s lineup.

The locals decided to remedy this situation by having their own party.  It was going to be called Roguefest and was going to be at a spot in the River Arts District.  They’d been having parties there for a little while until the cops found out about it.  They decided to do it legit and get permits for the thing. 

Apparently, the night before Roguefest was supposed to start, the city council of Asheville pulled the permit.  They said that since they had invited 3000 people on Facebook they were going to exceed their permits limit of 500 people.  This is clearly not how invites work, and they had only sold around one hundred tickets.

The solution?  Find a guy with a farm out in the mountains and have it there.

So I was working in Florida and drove up to Asheville just for Roguefest.  I had talked to the people putting it on and had permission to sell my glass there.  My plan was to sell glass the first night, party the second night, and then sell the shit out of some glass the third night.

I went with a group of kids who were still in college.  They were in the middle of their acid-phase.  I, however, had stopped tripping all the time years before and was only tripping a few times a year by this point.  These kids were dosing like it was a contest, trying to out-dose each other.

So after a fairly under-attended and uneventful first night, the second night started.  I dosed 6 tabs of some pretty clean L.  It was a super super cold night and I was bundled up with a bright as hell rainbow snowboarding coat on top.

The second night had a ton more people there.  One of these people was a guy named Toby.  Toby became quite the character by the end of the night.  It was quite obvious this was Toby’s first time on acid.  Some girl had puddled the poor kid for 10 bucks.  As soon as we heard that our ears perked up and we started hunting for this girl.  Toby tagged along.  The friends he came with jumped on the opportunity to ditch him.

It quickly became apparent why.  Toby was quite loud, yelling about how great it was that we could all be together and do drugs, so on and so forth.  I decided to wander to the barn to do some dancin.

Once I got over there I was doing my thing until I noticed my ex-girlfriend.  This wouldn’t have been a big deal if she hadn’t cheated on her current boyfriend with me 6 months ago and told him about it.  If she was there that meant he was there.  I got super paranoid and decided to go back to the camp.

I got back over there and found atleast 8 people inside of a 3 man tent.  Laying on the hood of the car watching the stars I listened to them babble away.  Apparently they were cutting glow sticks up and slinging them around in the tent.  

All of a sudden, the music stops.  I look over towards the barn and see blue cop lights.  The police had been out there a few times, but never to bust us.  They were cool every time.  Until now.

They came full raid status with atleast 8 cars.  It was damn close, if not 4:20am when they came in.  Our friends came back over to the campsite mumbling that the cops said if you were sober you needed to leave.  We, obviously, were not sober.  My solution?  Hop in the car and hide.

The car’s windows were frosted over inside and out.  It also had a tapestry draped over it.  My friend Alex and I hopped in and hid under a blanket.  We were all tweaked out and scared.  Then we remembered we had the Alex Grey book in the car.  We grabbed it and started looking at it under the light of the scrolling LED ghost light.  

It was so cool.  It looked like the images were crawling and curling on the page as the LED shifted through all the colors.

Then, all of a sudden, we heard cop radios out side of the car.  All we could hear were cop radios and our friend Jeff laughing hysterically.  My thought was, allright, as long as Jeff is laughing he’s not in handcuffs and we’re good to go.

Finally the radios fade away.  We turn the light back on and start looking at the book.  Suddenly, we hear this ::clickclick clickclick:: sound.  I stick my head out from under the blanket and see that the emergency flashers are on.  Since it’s my car I have no idea where the button is.  It takes me atleast 30 terrifying seconds to find the switch.  I finally got it off, horrified that the cops would be back any moment. 

After a few minutes I realized I had to pee really really bad.  The car was parked along side the woods and I was on the side of the car against the woods.  I figured I could turn the lights off in the car and sneak out the side and pee real quick without getting spotted.  After working up the nerve, I ripped he handle and hopped out.


The car alarm started going off!  Apparently I had locked the doors with the remote control.  I jumped back in real quick and locked it, turning the alarm off.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later we hear the cop radios again.

The radios this time were going all around the car.  We heard them rubbing the frost on the windows and  shining their lights in trying to see if anyone is in the car.  Then, they tap on the window lightly

Alex starts moving around and freaking out.  I grab her and whisper “They aren’t getting us out of this car unless they break a window.  Keep still and they’ll leave.

Finally, they leave and the blue lights in the distance fade.  We hear another knock on the window followed by a voice, “Maybe they think we are the cops.. The cops are gone..  There’s a fire..  Here’s a free DVD.. Sorry”

Craziest festival I’ve ever been to haha 

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